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Here's a handy little tool for any crew member that's ever strapped a driver in the car. Pulling up on the lap belts while leaning into the cockpit can be a real pain, but not with our belt tightener!. Simply slide the open end through the loop on the end of the belt and give a nice straight tug. Your driver will be snugged in better than ever!

"The parts you need to build the car you want"

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Dragster Supply specializes in making quality, affordable parts for the small shop and home builder. We build front engine dragsters, rear engine dragsters, altereds and land speed cars in our own shop and created Dragster Supply to supply you with unique and affordable parts to help you start and finish your project.

Some of our  products:

Chassis kits for: front engine dragster, rear engine dragster, and altered


Driveshaft covers

Wheelie bar adjusters

Axle brackets

Fuel caps and Bungs

Custom bends/roll bar bends

Single bend, full radius shoulder hoops in any width you need

 Single bend roll cage bends in any width you need

Lightweight locking hardware

And all the "run of the mill" brackets, tabs, and accessories you need to finish your project with style.

These are the same pieces and components we use on the race cars we produce in our own shop. See www.DavidBeardRaceCars.com for more information.

Need a bracket or tab you don't see? Need something unique to your project? We can make custom brackets and tabs or copy your existing parts at fair prices. Feel free to call and discuss your needs

Steve Broad's Altered is one example of what you can put together with one of our chassis kits. Steve started with an old car that wouldn't certify, borrowed some of the "seasoned" components off of it and Dragster Supply worked with him to supply a kit that will allow him to go as quick as 7.50 safely and legally. All in a package that maintains a nostalgic look, is fun to drive, and didn't break the bank.
Sam Daghir's beautiful front engine dragster was built by our parent company,David Beard's Performance Automotive Welding, in 2003. It's seen here in action at the 2012 California Hot Rod Reunion. Check out www.DavidBeardRaceCars.com for more information on the cars we build.
Ken Makuch's record setting '29 Model A Roadster is another example of what you can build with the parts we make. Built by David Beard's Performance Automotive Welding with parts from Dragster Supply.Com. This car breezed through tech  and broke the XF/GR record on it's first full run, officially setting the record at 161.081 MPH on the cars second full run. Congratulations to Ken and his family!