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New parts
Our sharkfin  brackets assembled as we use them on our in house FED builds.   $30.00 each/$55.00 pair
Housing ends. Machined from billet, these housing ends have the symmetrical bolt pattern and take a 3.150 bearing. Threaded bearing retainer holes eliminate the need for T bolts making for easier and cleaner installation.  $94.00 / set. 
Drag link support, aluminum            $29.95 each

Two piece aluminum drag link support with teflon washer sandwiched in a pocket in the middle. Fits 3/4" drag link. 
Shut off lever                  $16.95

 Shut off lever mounts to your master disconnect switch and uses a cable to operate the switch remotely. Mount the switch near the battery and run a Morse cable to it. 
Morse cable clamp    $8.00 / each
Billet aluminum Morse cable cable clamp is a neat, clean easy way to mount your control cables.  Throttle cables, 'chute cables, shut off cables can all be secured with these handy cable clamps. 
'chute lever             $5.95 each  Parachute lever can be used to release your chute or as a control lever your master shut off switch or fuel pump. Made from 3/16 aluminum, 6 1/2" tall
Chute pack mount       $19.95
Made from 1/8" mild steel, this is a simple, effective, light way to mount the chute pack to the back of your 5 point cage. Using a piece if 1 1/4" tubing through either of 3 supplied mounting holes allows you to quickly and easily set the angle and offset of your chute pack.
Bolt in seat belt tabs    $6.50 
1/4" thick, these tabs can be shaped to fit or installed as is. 1/2" diameter bolt hole allows bolting in all popular belts
Multi hole bracket      $9.95
Might seem like an odd part at first, but it can have some interesting uses. You can use it for adjustable pedal mounts, as a mock up tool to get something in just the right spot, or cut it into smaller tabs for other things. Standard is 1/4" mild steel with 17 5/16" holes. Can be opened up to 3/8" with no problem. Other thicknesses available on request.
Tie down loop       $6.95
Here's an easily overlooked item on any build, tie down points. Most often used on altered and F/C chassis, a couple of these front and rear makes securing your car a breeze! 
FED motorplate       $139.95
 Fits big and small block chevy. Has starter cut out and converter access holes. 21" centers at saddles, fits 1 1/2 tube. Top can be trimmed to body contours. Also available to fit other engines. Other options available on request.
'glide puke tank        $59.95
 Mounts to forward edge of pan rail, fits most cast aluminum pans. Stamped pans will require spacer washers. Comes as shown in photo.

"Sharkfin" front axle brackets. Fits 1 1/2 axle tube, two 3/8 holes. Lower hole for torsion bar mount, top hole for radius rod. Available in 12 gauge steel for double shear mounts or 3/16 steel for single style mount.
12 gauge brackets $7.50/each
3/16 brackets  $9.50 each  
Master cylinder mount, side. 3/16 steel. Fits all common drag racing master cylinder side mounts.
Tru- mcms $9.95
Shifter bracket. 1/8" steel, fits "Precision" shifters. Lightweight bracket welds to upper framerail, keeps shifter in tight. Can be bent/modified as needed. Adjustable.
DS-PSB $12.95
Rearend drain plug. 3/4-16 thread, o-ring seal.  Easily overlooked but very handy when it's time to service the rear end. Comes with plug and steel weld bung.
part # DS-RDP $12.95