Wheelie bar kit. $269.95 Wheelie bar kit comes with 2 upper tubes, single lower tube, adjuster, wheel housing, wheel, tabs , hardware and instructions. Kit comes with enough tubing to build a 6 foot bar.

Also available: wheelie bar wrench and wheel chalk. Set your bar height and usage like the pros!
Wheelie bar wrench               $37.99

Wrench fits 15/16" hex on our wheelie bar adjuster. Features a ruler on one side and a flat bottom for easily and accuratly setting you bar height.
 FED Driveline cover.$79.95 each. Bolts to pinion support of your 9" center section and covers the driveline to the rear of the transmission. Made from 5 inch diameter .065 steel tubing with 1/8" tabs, 1/4" flange secures it to your pinion support. Kit comes with 12" cover halves, 4 cover tabs, 1 pinion support tab, and hardware. Custom lenghts available. Add $40.00 fully welded.
 Fuel cap and bung. $42.95 Aluminum fuel cap with aluminum weld bung. 2 1/2 thread with o-ring seal. 2 1/8 opening. Black anodized and contrast cut.
 Rearend fill cap. $32.95. Aluminum cap with steel bung, great for rearend filling / ring gear inspection. Also available with aluminum bung for valve covers.
749101 pack of 2, $4.60 small motor mount tab. 1/8" mild steel, 3/8" hole. Fits 1 1/4" tube, can be ground to fit larger tube. also available individually, $3.00 each
749102 pack of 2, $6.50   large motor plate tab. 1/8" mild steel. Fits 1 1/4 tube, can be ground to fit larger tube. No hole, great for rear motor plate mounts.Available individually, $3.75 each
749103 pack of 2, $3.50 steering clevis.  Fits 3/8" rod end and 3/4" tube,great for making steering linkages. Available individually, $2.65 each
749104 pack of 2, $7.00 Radius rod bracket fits 3/8" rod ends and any size tube. Easiest, cleanest way to mount radius rods to your chassis. Available individually, $4.00each
749105 10 pack, 13.00. Universal tab. 1/8" thick, 3/8" hole. Universal tab has a wide variety of uses. Available individually, $1.50 each
749106 $21.95 each. Rear end housing bracket. 1/4" thick mild steel, 3" center hole with four 7/16" bolt holes. Meets all sanctioning body specs.
749107 $21.95 each. Rear end chassis bracket. 1/4" thick mild steel, four 7/16" bolt holes. Generous extra material so you can trim to fit your chassis. Meets all sanctioning body specs.
 Full Bore Super Buttons.10 pack $15.00 .500 grip length, steel, flush mount. Conventional Dzus fasteners also available.
Also available individually. $2.00 each
749110 10 pack, $8.00 Quarter turn fastener springs. 1 3/8 center to center. Can be adjusted to fit different button lengths. Single springs,$1.25
749111 10 pack, $6.00 Quarter turn fastener weld tab. For 7/16 button. Welds to chassis and mounts spring to secure panels. Single tab, $.90
749112 $23.00 each. with easy turn star wheel,left. Wheelie bar adjuster. 3/4" fine thread, 7/8" hex. Left hand on one end, right hand on the other. Approximately 3" adjustment. Add $17.00 for complete assembly with weld bungs and jam nut.
749114 $7.50 each. Steering column support. 3/8 UHMW plastic, .760 center hole, 3 .260 mounting holes. Ultra slick, lightweight, easy to mount.  These can be mounted on the back of a piece of aluminum to support your steering column.
749115 $7.50 each. Drag link support. 3/8 UHMW pastic, .760 center hole, 2 .260 mounting holes, fits 1 1/4 tube. Ultra slick, lightweight, easy to mount with matching bracket. Makes your steering super slick.
749115A $3.75 each. Drag link support tab. 1/8 steel.  Identical to the lower half of our drag link support, making mounting a snap!