Chassis Kits

Dragster Supply specializes in nostalgia dragsters and altereds.Your front engine dragster kit can be custom built to your wheelbase and driver size requirements. Altered chassis kits can be old school high engine placement or new style funny car style chassis. Every custom kit starts out as a CAD drawing that we use to generate all bends and tube cut dimensions.  

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Front Engine Dragster Chassis Kits

Dragster Supply chassis kits are built in conjunction with our parent company, 
David Beard Race Cars .com

 Stage kits:

Stage kits may be the best way to build the car you want, get it finished in a fair amount of time, and enjoy the build process.

Stage 1: All 4130 American or German made tubing fitted and tacked built to SFI spec for 7.50 and slower. Includes brand new 9” housing with symmetrical ends. Torsion bar front suspension. Front and rear motor plates, choice of 5 or 6 point roll bar kit. Welding and fabrication skills required. $3995.00

Stage 1 kit fully welded : $4595.00 The stage 1 kit fully welded may be the best option for getting started building your dream car. You get a stable, fully welded platform to finish the way you want with your time and budget in mind. We'll help you by supplying sub-kits of parts that will mount to your chassis quickly and easily, allowing you to maintain interest and progress on your project. In addition, our sub-kits generally come with a complimentary part or two to help make your car come to life faster. An example of this would be receiving free mounting brackets for your steering box when you buy it from us, or a free tie rod when you buy the complete front end kit. Our goal is to get you out there with a nice finished product that we both can be proud of, all while providing an enjoyable build experience for you and your friends. Isn't having a good time what it's all about?


Stage 2: Includes all of stage 1 and: Brand new Strange steering box and spindles. Front axle, torsion bar and radius rods. Steering linkage. All mentioned components fully mounted. Fully welded chassis. Welding and fabrication skills required. $5995.00


Stage 3: All of stage 1 and 2 plus: shorty body, fully mounted with quarter turn fasteners. Includes wind screen. $7295.00


Stage 4: Complete finished chassis with shorty body. All of stages 1-3 plus all components needed to finish car fabbed and mounted. These include but are not limited to: parachute mount, tether, and lever. Throttle pedal, brake pedal/handle, clutch pedal. Battery mount, chassis grounds and master disconnect mount. Seat, fuel tank, fuel pump mount, switch mount. Manufacturers tag. $8495.00


We can make or mount most anything you need on your new car, and can handle pricing on these items when we spec your chassis.

Why choose us?

       Our cars are hand built one at a time on a custom jig with unique fixturing devices to facilitate building custom cars to suit the owner’s preference.


      We use only the highest quality American or German made tubing and top quality aircraft grade hardware.


    We use some of the finest notching equipment available. If needed, all tube joints are final fit by hand for a water tight fit before welding.


      Service before, during, and after the sale. Want a unique car or combination? We can and have handled it.


      You'll get a real, performance based racing chassis. What does that mean? It means we build your car to perform based on the components you plan to run in concert with the type of racing you want to do. No extra thick tubing or one size fits all cockpit, your new car is built to suit you in every way possible.


      We're willing and able to make your racing dreams a reality with a safe, great performing race car that will keep you smiling for years to come

options include:

Full body, add $3495.00

Advanced E.T. cert             add $400.00

wheelbase variations    up to 175", no charge. up to 225", add $200.00

shoulder hoop width         No charge

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