Chassis Kit info

So you're looking for a chassis kit.

Here's some helpful info.

 We offer chassis kits in several stages of completion. Our basic kit is just that, basic. It comes with a finished rear end housing, all bent tubing, cage kit, motor plates, and enough straight tubing to finish your chassis. You'll need to fit and weld all tubing and components. This will require a flat table of some sort to work on as well as alignment tooling. You'll also need a notcher, files, welding equipment and considerable skill. This type of kit also requires the most patience, dedication, and follow through. This type of kit is not for everybody.


Stage 1:


This is our basic kit jig fitted and tack welded. Some structural welding will be completed to assure stability during shipping.


This is a good option for those who don't have a jig or alignment tooling but can handle tig welding a chassis together. The only problem with this option is there may be movement during shipping or welding, leaving you with drive line alignment issues upon assembly.


Adding the welded option to a stage 1 kit might be the best way  to get into a race car affordably, provided you can handle all the finish work yourself. You'll still have the satisfaction of outfitting and finishing your car yourself, making it uniquely yours and saving you money in the process. The money you save finishing your chassis can easily offset the cost of shipping.


Call us for shipping info please.



Stage 2 through 4 kits are self explanatory additions to the Stage 1 kit. Please see the Chassis Kits page for more  info.


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